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Scotland's Saltire
Welcome to my website!

This is the second incarnation of my virtual identity. It is no longer bilingual. My  other website will be in Dutch, using WordPress. It will be -- some time. This one is in English, and also deliberately kept simple: HTML only.

My name is Martin Grashoff. I am a parish minister currently based in the most northern province of The Netherlands, Groningen, and interested in many things. My parish has its own website. On this website spirituality and open source computing will be the main subjects, but you can also find various bits of news.

Seven years in Scotland have forged lasting links, particularly with Iona, Kintyre and Aberdeen. That is why I pictured Iain's sheep in the header. Because as a pastor I am supposed to be a 'shepherd', and Iain's sheep did not bother to be pictured. They just kept grazing on Iona's wonderful North End. At least they were at the time I took the picture.

Do have a look around my website and after that: haste ye back!
This website's design and hosting are 100% open source, using open standards,
LinuxMint, KDE, KompoZer, Kolourpaint, GIMP, LibreOffice, Firefox,
Some features need JavaScript to work.

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You can also find me on Twitter (mainly in Dutch): @grasmarien